Toys "R" Us New Year Special Reward

Congrats! You are today's Lucky Customer! Spin the wheel below for a chance to receive a $10, $50, $100 Toys "R" Us giftcard, or our grand prize - Sony Playstation 4 500GB ($299 Value)


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Monika Meyer Oh my god! I actually got a PS4!! My son is gonna freak!

4 minutes ago · Like

Tristan Whalen This is great! Even though I only won the $10 gift card... LOL

29 minutes ago · Like

Troy Grainger Nice! I got the $100 Gift Card! I have to say I was completely shocked by Toys "R" Us that I had qualified for this reward. I can't thank you enough, this is the best Christmas present ever! Thank you again...

35 minutes ago · Like

Olivia Henry Hello! Yes, I filled out the offers and received my gift card in about 3 days as was promised! I was going to give my son some new games. But this is way better. lol

41 minutes ago · Like

Zachary Lassen Hey, how long did it take to get your gifts?

46 minutes ago · Like

Jasmin Chandler Damn it. I didn't win anything... You guys are so luck. :(

1 hour ago · Like


Your "Toys R Us $100 Gift Card" has been reserved.

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