JB HI-FI Holiday Special Offer

Congrats! You are today's Lucky User! Spin the wheel below for a chance to win a $5000 JB HI-FI Giftcard.


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Monica Harris Holy god! I actually got an $100 giftcard!! My friends are gonna freak!

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Tony Nguyen This is great! Finally I won something good today. I think I'm going to use it on the new XBox One!

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Troy Williams I have to say I'm so excited to get qualified for this reward... Especially with all the crap that's going on in the world... This has come at a time of great need! Thank you again...

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Olivia Henry Hello! Yes, I filled out the offers and received my gift card in about 3 days as promised! Mine was the $50 Gift Card:

41 minutes ago · Like

Zachary Lassen Hey, I just want to confirm that this reward program is legit. The guidelines for earning the award of your choosing (mine was a $100 JB HI-FI reward Card) are clearly specified and here is what I got if you follow the directions. Thanks JB HI-FI for honoring the deal!

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Jasmin Martin Thank you so much for the JB HI-FI reward cards. Wow! This is the easiest and fastest money I ever made in my life. The customer support are very helpful and great help always. This company is really awesome.

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Your JB HI-FI Giftcard" has been reserved.

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